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Palm Processing Equipment

Our range of palm processing machines were principally developed to remove drudgery from the rural processors in area of stripping, sanitizing, sterilization, extraction, fibre separation and nut recovery. Our RMRDC award winning combined Stripper with Sanitizer and Waste Fired Steam Boiler simplified the rural palm industry. Our efficient Nut/Fibre separator combined Digester/Screw Press with pneumatic system ensures minimal staffing and efficient heating.

We also have progressed to produce fully mechanized and automated lines with capacities from 1-5MT/Hr with rugged auxiliaries.

We process full bunch sterilization, stripping, extraction and oil clarification to required moisture content and FFA.

Product Specification

Boiler Sterilizer Stripper Digester/Press Fiber Separator Conveyors Cracker Clarifier
0.5 MT/HR 300KG/3 Bar Loose Fruit Beater Arm Horizontal Hydraulic Screw Rotating Knife Edge - Vertical Based
1 MT/HR 500KG/3 Bar Loose Fruit Beater Arm Horizontal Hydraulic/Screw Rotation Knife Edge Screw Vertical Based
2 MT/HR 1000KG/8 Bar Full Branch Rotary Vertical Screw Rotating Knife Edge Screw Pneumatic Continuous
3 MT/HR 2000Kg/10 Bar Full Branch Rotary Vertical Screw Screw Pneumatic Screw, Elevator &Pneumatic Continuous
5 MT/HR 4000Kg/15 Bar Full Branch Rotary Vertical Twin Screw Pneumatic -DO- Pneumatic Continuous
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